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Multifunctional Power Arm Technology – Maximise Service Delivery

Local Governments, Infrastructure, Transport and Facilities Managers have limited budgets and often need to cater for a wide variety of service requirements, including verge maintenance, tunnel cleaning, tree lopping and cleaning of road signs. There are many solutions available but few that can cover the all of the beforementioned areas in one product.  However, Uniqco Special Vehicles provide the answer to its clients through the Mulag power arm technology solution.

MULAG leads the development of verge maintenance and tunnel washing equipment, boasting a comprehensive product range suitable for use with Fendt, JCB, and Mercedes Benz Tractor units. 

Multifunctional Benefits of the Power Arm Technology – One Solution with Multiple Applications 

The technology provides not only a cost effective and productive solution but also delivers benefits in terms of responsible environmental management and safety. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Attachments are inter-changeable and easily mounted as part of the multifunctional power arm solution.  Thus reducing the capital outlay required when sourcing multiple solutions.
  2. The technology eliminates the need for manual verge maintenance (such as whipper snipping) around guide posts, reducing occupational health and safety risks of individual operators mowing close to traffic.
  3. Cleaning of tunnels can happen without major disruption. The Mulag solution delivers quick working speed and great cleaning performance.
  4. Cleaner tunnels improves the reflectivity. It reduces the requirement for increased lighting to meet the minimum requirements for lighting in tunnels.  Reduced lighting requirements lead to reduced electricity usage and is better for the environment.
  5. Road signs and tunnels can be cleaned more effectively using the operator-controlled detergent dosing system, increasing productivity and cost effective operation.
  6. Delivering a cleaning solution for solar panels;
  7. Reducing the requirement for working at heights and high risk tree lopping using EWPs.  The power arm technology can reach up to 7.2 metres, delivering great ground coverage. A great way to eliminate a risk as per the hierarchy of control.
  8. Effective management of sapling regrowth ; 
  9. Improved ditch cleaning; and
  10. Providing improved safety, vision, lower risk of stress related injuries.  Therefore making the solution an effective safety based solution. 

Contact Uniqco Special Vehicles today to find out how you can maximise your service delivery with optimised asset productivity whilst taking care of both safety and the environment.

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