3 Benefits of a Preferred Supplier Sourcing Model

Here at Uniqco Special Vehicles, we are moving away from the traditional special vehicle dealership or agency arrangement.  Our business model works as a preferred supplier sourcing model.

What is a Preferred Supplier Sourcing Model?

A preferred supplier sourcing model works on the basis of:

  • sourcing,
  • selecting and
  • prequalifying

manufacturers and suppliers of special vehicles, ancillary solutions and maintenance requirements within different categories.

In terms of our model, we prefer to build relationships with world leaders to ensure that we can provide the most effective, innovative and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

How is this different from the traditional models?

Under the more traditional model, we would be constrained by agency and dealership arrangements as to the solutions that we could offer our clients.  We would be working for the manufacturers and/or suppliers, promoting their products.

But this model does not fit what we do.

We scope, source, procurement and project manage special vehicle solutions for our clients.  We therefore focus on fitting solutions that work for our clients with the leading products that are available in the market.

What are the benefits of a Preferred Supplier Sourcing Model?

#1. The solution proposed fit our clients’ requirements

As mentioned before, under the more traditional business models, our clients would be constrained by who the dealer or agent was for a particular product.  Also, the client’s interests often would play second fiddle to the interest of the product manufacturer.

With our model, we can:

  • help clients scope their requirements,
  • source and select what is available in the market and
  • ensure that our clients have the control over the final solution.

#2. Selection and validation of suppliers

Under a preferred supplier model, we remove the hard work of selecting and validating suppliers to ensure that they are:

  • reputable;
  • reliable;
  • able to meet international and local standards;
  • competent and experienced in our markets; and
  • able to meet the required quality requirements.

Therefore, it saves our clients time and money as we already have access to the world leaders in special vehicles.

#3. Specialised Project Management Capability

Special vehicle procurement is capital intensive and often has lead times exceeding 12 or 18 months from placing the order. In addition, the solution often requires sourcing and procuring solutions from different manufacturers and then combining the different products as part of the final special vehicle solution.

This takes time and specialised skills and experience.  And in many organisations, they do not have the resources or the skills to manage these complicated projects.

Working with our preferred suppliers and our specialist project management team, we deliver the solution to our clients.  We manage the project from scoping through to delivery, commissioning and operational implementation. We therefore provide the resources with the right skills and experience to manage this process for our clients.

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