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Radio Remote Controls – Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse

Radio remote controls make machine operation safer, efficient and more economical. These high-quality transmitters and receivers control some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated machines, including:

  • tunnel borers,
  • construction cranes,
  • push back tractors for planes,
  • truck mounted cranes,
  • water jet cutting equipment, and
  • major mining infrastructure machines.

Radio remote controls as a safety solution has been a great improvement in reducing high risk interaction but it comes with its own pain points.

Some of the pain points include:

  • dealing with warranty issues as the OEMs are mostly offshore;
  • compatibility issues;
  • limited product support; 
  • ability to find the rights parts; and
  • ensuring that you use the right cables and antenna’s.

Local Support Enabling You to Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Did you know that Uniqco Special Vehicles provide local support to our clients to remove the pain points involved around the complexity of sourcing, maintaining and trouble shooting the issues and opportunities regarding remote controls?

We do this through:

  • Uniqco’s preferred supplier arrangements;
  • applying our specialist expertise and background in sourcing special vehicles and safety based solutions to finding the right radio remote control solutions;
  • providing local support and troubleshooting;
  • assisting with finding the right parts for any previous Hectronic remote controls;
  • finding the right cables, aerial antenna’s for your radio remote controls; 
  • the installation of the latest radio remote control solutions; and
  • providing asset intelligence to ensure compliance to record keeping, monitoring as required.

Radio remote controls take organisations one step closer to what we call safety autonomous operation.  But more about safety autonomy on another day.

We look forward to assisting you with your radio remote controls and making sure that you do keep your finger on the pulse of your organisation.  Contact Uniqco Special Vehicles today to find out how we can assist your organisation to select the right safety based solution.





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