Road Rail Shunting

Uniqco Special Vehicles have a complete range of European based preferred suppliers who manufacture a large range of rail shunting vehicles from 200t to 2,500t capacity.

These include the Mercedes Benz Unimog Shunter with up to 800T shunt capacity and Electric, Hybrid or Diesel remote controlled shunt tractors with capabilities from 200T to 2500T on dry flat rail.

Using Radio remote controls create efficiencies and increases safety by ensuring all shunt operations are enabled while the operator is standing at a safe distance from the train. Our cloud based CANBUS capture technology is monitoring what the equipment is doing at all times, ensuring access to  reliable compliance, safety and efficiency information.

Uniqco Special Vehicles Journey Specialist Supply Chain Management road rail shunting 2
Uniqco Special Vehicles Journey Specialist Supply Chain Management road rail shunting 1

The client benefits for the Uniqco Special Vehicles are numerous, and include:

  • Access to Europe’s leading rail equipment manufacturers;
  • Complete parts and maintenance support, simplifying component responsibility among suppliers;
  • Training for maintenance teams and access to electronic diagnostic equipment;
  • Products that meet the latest European standards for safety and environmental controls;
  • Australian standards certified (for Australian clients);
  • Fitted with the latest CANBUS enabled data logger meets the event logging required by Australian Standards;
  • CANBUS technology goes further by monitoring all vehicle movements, temperatures, pressures, accelerometer, braking, etc
  • Every special vehicle delivered, is supported with our cloud data analytics and reporting customer care package that includes, reporting services due, safety compliance and vehicle performance management requirements.

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