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Remote Control Support – Visit Uniqco Special Vehicles at BAUMA 2019

As part of our preferred supplier agreement and in order to keep up on the latest developments in industrial equipment in Europe, we will not be providing remote control support but will be at BAUMA 2019, Munich. A quick update to let you know that Alexander Winzen, our Project and Development Director will be at the Abitron stand. Alex joins Sonja Zurth, Abitron’s Export Manager from 8 – 14 April 2019 for meeting and greeting our existing customers and answering any questions you may have about remote control support.

Where will you find Alexander Winzen?

Outside Area FS, Booth 908/5

So Much Choice But How to Decide What Would be Best for You?

Remote controls form only a small part of your typical industrial equipment or special vehicle purchase. For many of our customers, the procurement of special vehicles is a long, drawn out and complicated process starting with setting up a business case to justify significant capital being spent.

This is generally the time where everyone’s wish list appears or you have to counter the war stories about what worked or how badly a previous purchase went wrong.

You also have to work out how to demonstrate value for money as part of your business case, taking into consideration the life span and specialist requirements of many special vehicles.

What better time to talk to us than when you are visiting BAUMA?

BAUMA presents the opportunity to peruse what is in the market. So, why not take the time while you are visiting BAUMA, to talk to Alexander about how to go about developing and managing

  • asset management plans;
  • special vehicle standard operating procedures;
  • fleet and plant management plans tailored around your business, benchmarked against industry standards;
  • fleet policies and procedures, focused on clarifying roles and responsibilities;
  • maintenance requirements – insourcing versus outsourcing;
  • compliance requirements with on-road COR – keeping abreast of standards and legislative developments;
  • remote control support and how to manage those critical interfaces between remote controls and your industrial equipment;
  • providing support with end-to-end project management and special vehicle procurement.

Data Analytics – A Whole of Business Solution

I also would like to encourage you to take the time to talk to Alex about how data analytics provide different remote control support to your organisation. Find out more about how meaningful data analytics and reporting will benefit your organisation in terms of understanding and managing:

  • your mobility solutions overall;
  • the decision making regarding hiring, leasing, owning, sharing and/or wet hire options;
  • the measurement of effective activities, costs, downtime, availability, environmental impacts, safety; and
  • productivity overall.

BAUMA: 8 – 14 April 2019, Munich

More information on tickets and registration for BAUMA 2019, Munich:

We look forward to catching up with you. And for those who cannot attend BAUMA in person, feel free to reach out to us to see how we can assist with finding more information on your industrial equipment / special vehicle requirements whilst we are at BAUMA.

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