Uniqco Special Vehicles Journey – Removing Pain Points

Welcome to the Uniqco Special Vehicles website.  We thought it is good to tell you more about the Uniqco Special Vehicles journey, how we came about and how we remove the pain points for our clients.

The Uniqco Special Vehicles Journey Officially started in 1994

Although the Uniqco Special Vehicles journey officially started in 1994, our founder Grant Andrews,has been working for more than 30 years as a Unimog and other special vehicles specialist. Working in the area of special vehicles, Grant came across many amazingly efficient ways of doing multiple operations with one vehicle. Thereby, one vehicle delivers an economical and cost effective solution to our clients’ operational needs.

In short, many special vehicles deliver fit-for-purpose solutions.

Uniqco Special Vehicles Journey Specialist Supply Chain Management Mulag

However, many clients still go searching to build a custom-build solution.

The issues with custom-build solutions

Custom-build solutions bring along many pain points for our clients.

  • Often our clients lack the specialist skills and expertise to manage the engineering and testing required;
  • Most of the testing is completed while the unit is in operation and whilst it may seem to be an cheaper solution to start out with, the cost of downtime and re-engineering end up more costly than an already existing solution.
  • Not having the specialist knowledge and experience, cause the clients to overlook existing special vehicle solutions.

We know from our experience that often we can find a vehicle-based solution or attachment for our clients that may appear to be unique in one market but will work very well for our clients. And will provide a cost-effective and efficient solution that does not require additional down-time or operational testing.

Using our experience in Road Rail Special Vehicles to remove pain points

Over the years of our special vehicles journey,  we became more and more involved in road rail solutions such as the Niteq and CMAR range of road rail vehicles. Manufacturers such as Niteq and CMAR produce far more special vehicle units than their Australian counterparts.  Their solutions include:Uniqco Special Vehicles Journey Specialist Supply Chain Management Road Rail

  • road rail kits for trucks;
  • earthmoving equipments;
  • shunting solutions – ranging from 200t to 2000t pulling capacity;
  • remote controls;

in order to reduce the cost of employing multiple operators to shunt equipment in and out of workshops.

They produce their road rail solutions in volume and not only as one-off solutions and the solutions include other options such as:

  • elevated work platforms;
  • scissor lifts;
  • cranes; and
  • rescue vehicles.

Providing Special Vehicle Solutions removing multiple pain points

Another example of where we have been delivering solutions for our clients on our special vehicle journey, comes from the oil and gas industry. With our connections and experience, we were able to:

  • source,
  • procure and
  • project manage

the supply chain of a wireline winch truck for one of our oil and gas clients.


Uniqco Special Vehicles Journey Specialist Supply Chain Management wireline winch


Our client uses the wireline winch truck for the subterranean mining of hydrocarbons. The mining process is incredibly complex and complicated.  Yet, the winch truck provided a simple solution with multiple uses.

The truck operates with two winches with 7500m of wire cable on each winch.




The special vehicle solution provided enables:

  • the measurement of a vertical seismic profile;
  • totco survey of open hole well;
  • pipe recovery during drilling;
  • log open hole;
  • cement casing into open hole;
  • cement bond log cased hole;
  • cased log hole;
  • run in and pull out plugs;
  • log and evaluate producing wells;
  • fish lost equipment; and
  • carry out remedial work on a completed well.

One special vehicle solution removed multiple pain points for our client, making it a very cost-efficient and effective solution.

Contact Uniqco Special Vehicles Today

We are looking forward to continue to share our Special Vehicles journey with our clients and you over time.

We believe that the market is ready to find more special vehicle solutions that will not only remove pain points for our clients but will solve multiple problems at the same time and deliver cost-effective operations.

Contact Uniqco Special Vehicles today for your Special Vehicles supply chain and project management requirements.

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