Uniqco Special Vehicles Verge Mowing Tractor


Well maintained verges greatly enhance road safety and improve the appearance of roads. Regular verge maintenance provides improved drainage, avoiding erosion of road shoulders and ensuring the integrity of the road surface.

Uniqco Special Vehicle Division are committed to partnering with leading manufacturers of high-tech products and special solutions for roadside maintenance vehicles. This has led to a partnership with one of the leading German manufacturers MULAG.


MULAG has been offering innovative products for 65 years and is a leading manufacturer of verge maintenance and tunnel washing equipment with a recognised reputation for reliable vehicles and outstanding quality.

MULAG Product Range

MULAG has a comprehensive product range suitable for use with Fendt, JCB, and Mercedes Benz Tractor units.

Verge Maintenance and Mowing Equipment

MULAG’s verge maintenance and mowing equipment make year-round verge maintenance simple and efficient with a range of mowers that fit to the front, the centre or rear of the carrier vehicle. MULAG’s verge maintenance and mowing equipment provide:

  • Reliable solutions for difficult working situations
  • High working speed
  • Easy one man operation
  • Extended booms more maximum clearance
  • Automatic parking systems
  • Varied fields of application

All units are front, or side mounted for improved safety, vision, lower risk of stress related injuries. MULAG even has a solution where three mowers (trio-mover) – verge, front, and rear – can be operated as a combination by a single operator.

With MULAG’s power arm technology, its mowing systems can reach up to 7.2 metres, delivering great ground coverage.

All units are front or side mounted for improved safety, vision, lower risk of stress related injuries due to operating a rear mounted mower. Our innovative under barrier verge mower also eliminates the need for manual verge maintenance (such as whipper snipping) around guideposts, reducing occupational health and safety risks of individual operators mowing close to traffic. Attachments are easily mounted.

Popular verge maintenance solutions include tree trimming devices, scrub mowers and ditch cleaners.

Uniqco Special Vehicles Verge Mowing Tractor

Innovation Technologies for Roadside Maintenance

CAN Bus Control System

The verge mower comes complete with a CAN bus control system that has electronically adjusted automatic touch control system and mahtronic on the power arm mower that means you can operate both systems with ease at the same time.

MULAG Combination Mower MKM 700

Combining a front mounted mower and verge mower results MKM 700 being a compact mowing unit.
The front-mounted mower has the advantage of being able to attach a verge mover to complete full functionality moving unit. Therefore, cutting double the amount of grass in one pass even in a one man operation. With the additional benefit of being able to operate both mowing units independently for even greater flexibility.

MULAG Combination Mowers

There are many different MULAG Verge Mower and Maintenance combinations available to suit your requirements including the popular MULAG Trio Mover Combination that allows for a very efficient 2 man operation. The Trio mover combination can completely cut all the grass within a 3 metre belt in one working cycle.

Download the Mowing Combination brochure for more details on the MULAG Models that are available.

Uniqco Service and Support

Our service and support team are only a call away to assist with the best verge maintenance solution for your business. Contact Uniqco Special Vehicles to assist with updating your verge maintenance machinery today.

JCB Tractor with a Mulag Verge Mower Combination

Mulag MFK 500 Front Mounted Verge Mower on a Unimog U400

Mulag MLM 200 post mower verge mower combination

Unimog Verge Maintenance Equipment

Mulag Free Zone Cutter Unimog U400