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Wheel Flange Lubrication – The Importance of Lubrication to Keep the Wheels Rolling

On my recent trip to Europe, I came across many great rail, verge maintenance and tunnel cleaning solutions as part of visiting existing and prospective preferred special vehicle suppliers. Many of our customers invest thousands of dollars in their rolling stock and related rail maintenance solutions. A great investment. However, the ongoing maintenance play an important role in ensuring that the equipment purchased, can play its part. On my trip, I came across some interesting facts about the benefits of wheel flange lubrication.

Our research on the shows the benefits of wheel flange lubrications to include:

Availability and Productivity

The right wheel flange lubrication can reduce wear and tear between 30% and 80%. This results in a noticeable reduction in downtime, uptime in availability and increased productivity.

As a result of the reduced wear and tear, maintenance intervals and change out of wheel sets and rails improve as well.

Improved Environmental Impacts

Squealing rails create a perception of poor performance to the public and noise pollution. The correct wheel flange lubrication shows noise emission reduction from 2.25sec to 0,0037sec.

A further positive impact to the environment includes the reduction on environmental impact through the selection of biodegradable lubricants.

Cost Savings

By improving wheel flange lubrications systems and optimising the correct spraying positions, the positive flow through results in energy savings of between 12% and 15%.

Increased productivity in rolling stock flows on into operating costs and maintenance costs and delivers positive delta’s in this area. Solutions such as onboard lubrication spray systems assist with reducing downtime and furthermore ensuring application at the right time and as required.

Productivity Pays

Wheel flange lubrication plays an important role in literally keeping the wheels rolling. It supports productivity, reduces downtime and unplanned outages, provide safety solutions and improve efficiencies. It helps to reduce the risk of derailments.

In the end, productivity pays dividends and although wheel flange lubrication seems to be a minor detail in the bigger picture, it really pays dividends.

We assist our special vehicle clients with the end-to-end procurement and sourcing of the total service solutions. Feel free to touch base and see how your organisation can benefit from our experience and expertise in this area.

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